ISO 14001:2004 / ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental Management System

Organizations, products and services are in close interaction with the environment. Environmental protection is an emphasized issue for all of us. Accidental damages may cause forceful social reactions and the media provides broad coverage. Environmental consciousness is more and more awaited in the field of economy and therefore EMS is the tool for the management, which requirements are given in the ISO 14001 standard.

Why do we apply the Environmental Management System?

Managers have an important role in organizations of the future, because they need to implement environmental consciousness, avoid pollution and care for economic energy consumption. Costumers in the developed world not only emphasize quality of their products and services but environmental consciousness is also expected. Environmental and system approached management meets the requirements of more strict legal requirements. It is less costly to save the environment than to restore it. One of the tools for prevention is ISO 14001.

What does EMS mean?

The main concept of the standard is to foster the spirit of environmental protection and the review of the effects of all activities related to the environment. In order to reach the required environmental performance the standard requires to determine aims, targets and guidelines (policies) and to realize the related programs. The system ensures continuous improvement by reviewing the conformance and efficiency, performing the corrections needed.

Benefits of EMS

The EMS Certificate is issued as a result of an independent expert surveillance that verifies as follows:

  • the organization reduces the burdens of pollution of the environment to the minimum,
  • it is committed to complying to all legal requirements,
  • and it continuously reviews and develops its environmental activities and performance.
The certified system:

• improves competitiveness, appreciation, good-will and international acknowledgment of the organization,

• helps to prevent accidents and damages,

• improves the relations with clients, authorities and staff,

• extends the efficiency in preserving environmental values,

• is a proof of care for environment,

• verifies trustworthy performance in environmental protection and sets the stage for compliance inspections by authorities.